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Hey im gonna wait for you guys, wanted to play some league since im having a hard time with family stuff today, holla at me if you want in
I would but I am currently doing ARAMs w/ Myra and Ryu
alright, well, i guess ill just go play with emma. was kinda wanting to play with the friendos seeing as im dealing with a lot of really heavy **** rn and i kinda need my buds but its cool.
I'm sorry, they got on first and I don't want to be rude
And cause more drama between you and Ryu
welp, alright i guess, **** me lol
I mean I never said I wouldn't join you, I'll join as soon as I get the chance
I'm sorry about your grandma
no dont worry about it. honestly it kinda hurts my feelings that im telling you guys that i need you because im not doing too good and instead of being there for me, your chosing to play a game with him. i get it, he was there first, b
but i dont ask for a lot.
im there for anyone when they say they need me, but its ****** that i dont get that back.
but its fine, keep playing, i have emma and jinx right now. crying my ****** eyes out, emotionally not ok right now, but ill live.
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