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Mallory Pavlova:: The youngest of Kalina Pavlova's daughters, she is nineteen, and an early enrollee at the local college, a film major, but a trouble student. She has recently immersed herself into the sex industry, making videos with the help of her best friend/ lover since before college, Bailey. Mallory is five foot two inches tall, and keeps her hair dyed a fiery red color, and loves sundresses. She recently got her tits pierced, and her mother doesn't know about it. She is a fitness freak, and a vegetarian, and her curvy little body shows it. She prefers sex extra sloppy and rough.

Bailey Renee:: Mallory's best friend and "fuck buddy" as they call each other, playfully. Bailey is twenty two years old, and a pre-op MtF transgender with pale skin, perfect little round B cups and a seven inch cock. She is five foot six inches tall, with black hair she wears with bangs usually in a pony tail or piggy tails. Bailey enrolled in the same college as her best friend. She is street smart, but acts extra nerdy and cutesy, and she's fiercely loyal to Mallory. She likes to act as Mallory's pimp, and Mallory her Ho, as she edits the videos and runs the website for Mallory. She recently got Mallory out of trouble with the school regarding absences from class, when she "convinced" a young professor to withhold some documents. He had walked in on them as Mallory deepthroated her friend, both in plaid skirts and he watched as Bailey came all over Mallory's open mouth while they stared back at him, giggling. Then when Bailey got on her knees and invited him closer as she slurped her own cum from Mallory's lips, of course he couldn't say 'no'. Bailey secretly wants to fuck Mallory and Aiva's mom, Kalina.

Professor Gregory Hailey:: Is a married man, recently fallen hard for Mallory, and basically wrapped around her and Baileys' little fingers. He is thirty seven, and loves to jog. His wife is smart, and knows her husband is weak for sex, but loves him just the same and appreciates that he is good to her. He is tall and blond, active, and very well-endowed. He is kind-hearted, and loves to drink.  He is actually good friends with Kieran and Marcus, from their own shared times in collegiate athletics. He has a secret love for sloppy sex.

Kieran "Daddy" Bell:: Is Kalina Pavlova's new husband, a dark-skinned former athlete now a decorated physical therapist and yoga lover. He is jacked, six foot six, chest and shoulders covered in tattoos, shaves his whole body except his head, which is always clean-faded. He is a good-natured man, honest, and polite, and open with Kalina about sex and everything else. Kalina actually met Kieran at a bar with his best friend Marcus. They took her home with them, and she took both of them at the same time until she squirted all over Kierans' tummy. Ever since then, Kalina and Kieran just really hit it off, and eventually became inseparable. He is thirty-eight years old and eleven inches long.

Kalina "Kali" Pavlova: Mother of Mallory and Aiva Pavlova. She is fifty six years old, and married to Kieran Bell.  She is dainty, at five foot four inches tall, and fit, with perfect fake D cups, flat stomach, and a round, fat ass. She was a dancer in her home country, moved to the states decades ago. Kali Pavlova is a respected member of the BDSM community, a consultant for dominatrixes, and an instructor of womens' pole-dancing.  She is open sexually with Kieran, but doesn't really fuck around. Actually, since her and Kieran have been together, she's only fucked one guy (and it was Marcus) one time without Kieran present. It was his birthday, and she had three of her students stay late and when he arrived, they tied him to a chair and stripped him naked. They edged him for three hours and then made him cum as they took turns peeing on his big, throbbing cock.

Marcus "Gem" Stone:: Got his nickname from his lifelong obsession with Diamonds. He is now a gem dealer, and a trained diamond cutter. He is also a body-builder, with broad shoulders and chest, bigger than Kieran, but a few inches shorter. He is also a few years older than Kieran, and his best friend since they were kids. Marcus has a shaved head and a beard, and is virtually covered in tattoos. He has a thick, ten inch cock and he recently told Kieran, in confidence, about his crush on Mallory's friend, Bailey.

Aiva Pavlova:: Kali's oldest daughter, she is twenty-six years old, five foot two inches tall with a curvy figure and dark blonde hair. She almost always wears a business suit and heels. Aiva is the responsible one, with a business degree and a foothold in the adult industry. She has been called 'the producer' but she doesn't like the nickname. She is known for her witty business-mind, and her wild sexual rampages. She loves drinking and smoking and drugs of all sorts, when she wants to cut loose, and has a soft spot for well-endowed dark-skinned men.
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