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  "config": {
    "prefix": "&7Cloud &8| &b",
    "onlyProxyProtection": false,
    "excludedOnlyProxyWalkableGroups": [],
    "excludedGroups": [],
    "bungeeFallbackConfigurations": [
        "targetGroup": "Proxy",
        "defaultFallbackTask": "Lobby",
        "fallbacks": [
            "task": "Lobby",
            "permission": null,
            "availableOnGroups": [],
            "priority": 1
    "hubCommandNames": [
    "logPlayerConnections": true,
    "messages": {
      "command-hub-success-connect": "",
      "command-hub-already-in-hub": "&cYou are already connected",
      "server-join-cancel-because-maintenance": "&7This server is currently in maintenance mode",
      "command-hub-no-server-found": "&7Hub server cannot be found",
      "server-join-cancel-because-only-proxy": "&7You must connect from a original proxy server",
      "command-cloud-sub-command-no-permission": "&7You are not allowed to use &b%command%",
      "already-connected": "§cYou are already connected to this network!",
      "server-join-cancel-because-permission": "&7You do not have the required permissions to connect to this server."
    "properties": {}
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