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3:25 PM Hello.  It is Yang Hye Suk who plays the story of <Amentia>.  I do not know how glad the driver, Park Hye-in, has chosen my car for long racing.  The dazzling driving skill that you showed on the track is the ball of the Orobiant Parker.  It is because of a lack of skill in mechanics or malfunctions.  I am also grateful to the pit crew of the comic GT editorial team who always pays to fill the gap.  I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the readers who have watched with warm eyes during the two - year series, and I look forward to seeing you again.  Hi.  It is Park Hye-in who is responsible for drawing <Amentia>.  I have always been impressed with the wonderful stories of both artists and have worked hard to finish them.  If you could give your readers pleasure, I would have no more hope.  I guess I'll miss all three kids and the rest of the characters.  Thank you for the help of the artist who has made a great story to the end, and the editor of GT who gave me a lot of help,  ^ ^!  I am grateful to all of you who have been watching Amendhi, her father.
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