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3. Rentry.co

 Rentry Markdown Pastebin
Rentry doesn't focus on code at all, instead serving primarily as a written text pastebin. While you can still use it to share code, it's primarily a Markdown text editor that offers pastebin functionality. If you're not familiar, see our guide to starting with Markdown to learn how it works.

The setup is clean and allows you to focus on writing. Use the Text field to type and Preview to see how it looks before sharing. The How tab offers a quick refresher on Markdown, if needed.

When you share a document with Rentry, it will include an edit code. You'll need this code to make changes to the paste in the future, so make sure to keep it somewhere safe (like a password manager). Before hitting Go to publish the paste, you can add a Custom edit code to make it easier to remember, as well as setting a Custom URL.

After you save the paste, anyone can visit the URL to view it. This will include the date and time it was published, plus how many views it has. Use Export to download your document as the Raw text, a PDF, or a PNG image.

4. ZeroBin

 ZeroBin Pastebin Site
As we've seen, not all paste sites are the same. ZeroBin stands out as a privacy-focused place to create pastes. Use the Format dropdown at the top to choose Plain Text, Source Code, or Markdown. Then you can enter your text in the editor.

At the top, you'll see several options to control how you share. By default, the Expires field is set to 1 week, but you can change this to as little as 5 minutes or to never expire.

If you check the Burn after reading option, the message will self-destruct after the link is opened one time. Alternatively, you can select Open discussion to let people leave comments on the paste. Be sure to set a Password to protect sensitive pastes.

ZeroBin includes a Preview tab to let you see what your output will look like before sharing. Click the Send button when you're done to get a shareable URL for your paste. There are no ads or other frustrations here.

The site states that the server has no knowledge of pasted data, so it's the best choice when you want to share something potentially sensitive. Of course, there are better ways to safely share passwords and other private data online.

Alternatives to Pastebin for Better Sharing

We've looked at several sites like Pastebin to help you find the best one for your needs. There's nothing inherently wrong with Pastebin, but a different option may well serve your needs better than the site most people use for this job.

Unfortunately, a lot of the other Pastebin alternatives aren't worth using. They're either near-copies of one of the options discussed above, or they're loaded with malicious ads that ruin the experience. Stick to one of these for best results.
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