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dawn poured
from your sad 
as the morning
came home, mother.

they say 
life is an eternal sunset
waiting to live 
a little longer.
but they didn't let me
wait a little longer.
they didn't let me
live at all, mother.
Was it because
i have a vagina?

they arrived with a 
scent of devastation.
the wounds inside me
are engraved in their names.
they patiently waited 
till everything inside me 
dissolved into immortal ash.
i have turned into words now
and in moist anguish
the world remembers me
and many more
while searching the
questions of the answers
they already know.

when your days end
you'll ask god
for me again
but i am in a box,
five feet below the ground.
ask your god 
of the mistakes i made
that led me here.
and, take me back mother
it's getting dark here.
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