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  # Chance from 1 to 100 for the redstone to break. If you don't think
  # redstone could lag your server, disable it.
  # The breaker system griefs some redstone from Players' contraptions in
  # order to prolongue the effect of the cull. If it is set to 0, it will
  # be harder to get rid of redsotne lag, because players can just start
  # their farms & Lag Machines back up in a matter of seconds.
  # TIP: The chance doesn't need to be too big in order for their farms to
  # break. The system triggers for all of the active redstone trails and will
  # break X percent of the track. Remember that even if you have chance 2, if
  # we have 100 redstone, you will still have an effect on them.
  # (!) TO disable set chance to 0.
  chance: 3
  # What blocks do you want to be affected by the redstone culler. This allows you
  # to prevent pressure plates or other valuable blocks that don't necessarily cause
  # lag to be protected from the culler.
  - "DIODE"
  # How many ticks should the redstone be culled if the signal changes. A too small value
  # will not stop clocks, and a too large value will make destructive checks less effective.
  # TIP: The recommmended value for destructive checks is 10-30; and 50-70 without.
  ticks: 60
  # Destructive checks. Implemented to combat Observer lagmachines, which can bring
  # a I7-4770k machine to it's knees quite easily. It listens for singal changes and
  # removes all observers that go over a set value.
  # Lag-Machine example: http://stefatorus.go.ro/img/SpigotTweaks/ObserverFix.gif
  # (!) This should be safe, but at the same time, don't enable it without any reason.
  #     These lag machines are not found very often, and there is no reason to try fix them
  #     if everything works fine.
    # Should we enable destructive checks?
    enabled: false
    # How many updates should the observer do in order to remove it? I recommend the default value.
    value: 16
  # Automatic Redstone culling will occur if tps is under this value.
  # EG: If tps is under 19, lagassist will cull redstone each time the monitor runs.
  # TIP: Set to 0.0 to disable it.
  maxtps: 19.0
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