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[17:16:11] Nathan Skinner says: This is Sergeant Nathan Skinner, Element Leader within SWAT. Date is..

[17:16:11] Current Time: 01:11:36 PM, Today's Date: February 03 2020

[17:16:11] * Nathan Skinner looks at their watch. *

[17:16:34] Nathan Skinner says: February the third, twenty twenty, one eleven in the afternoon. I'm here with..

[17:16:41] Nathan Skinner looks over at Eleanor.

[17:16:48] Eleanor Osborn says: Osborn.

[17:16:54] Eleanor Osborn says: Eleanor Osborn.

[17:17:02] Eleanor Osborn says: Senior Trooper within the State Police.

[17:17:04] [Radio] Katie Santiago: 2-ALPHA enroute code two.

[17:17:12] Nathan Skinner says: And how old are you?

[17:17:17] Radio Turned Off.

[17:17:17] Eleanor Osborn says: Thirty two.

[17:17:25] Nathan Skinner says: Thirty two, alright.

[17:17:34] Nathan Skinner types as Eleanor answers the questions.

[17:18:05] Nathan Skinner says: What made you want to become Law Enforcement in the first place?

[17:18:08] Julian Montes takes a seat on the chair outside the Sergeant's office, lightly tapping his foot anxiously.

[17:18:29] Eleanor Osborn says: Well, Law Enforcement career was something that I've developed a passion for over the time if I'm honest.

[17:18:44] Eleanor Osborn says: Started my career within the State Bureau and I guess that I'm here now.

[17:18:57] Nathan Skinner bops his head.

[17:19:08] Eleanor Osborn says: Hence, my passion is what made me get into this career.

[17:19:15] Nathan Skinner says: Right. How often do you exercise?

[17:19:39] Eleanor Osborn says: I'd say four to five times a week. Local at the Black Stallion.

[17:19:50] Eleanor Osborn says: Cardio strongest of them all.

[17:20:40] Nathan Skinner says: I respect that, very important. How often do you visit your doctor for checkups, and when was your last one?

[17:21:22] Eleanor Osborn says: Doctors for a check up, I'm not going to lie here. It's been about eight months or so. I try to get a full 

[17:21:22]  body check every -

[17:21:23] Eleanor Osborn says: year.

[17:21:30] [Business Advert] We're always looking for employees to move coal. We'll pay up to 2000 US Dollars for a 3 minute trip in a truck!

[17:21:30]  [Argent Corp. Quarry]

[17:22:14] Eleanor Osborn says: Let me take that back, it's been about three months for the last check up due to a active shooting that 

[17:22:14]  happened.

[17:22:49] Nathan Skinner says: Hopefully you've fully recovered from that incident. I'd try and get one twice a year, though. Just to be 

[17:22:49]  safe.

[17:23:13] Nathan Skinner says: Do you happen to have any medical conditions that we should know about?

[17:23:22] Eleanor Osborn says: You're right, but I'm not a really big fan of it. However, if thats something that's needed for this 

[17:23:22]  position. Then, sure.

[17:23:40] Eleanor Osborn says: None, I'm perfectly normal. At least, I think that I am.

[17:23:56] Shane Willard has imprisoned Scott Lockhart.

[17:23:59] Nathan Skinner smirks, typing her response down.

[17:24:13] Julian Montes casually sips his coffee, taking out his earbuds from a pocket, plugging them into his smartphone as he begins to 

[17:24:13]  blast..

[17:24:17] .. Nirvana into his ears. ((Julian Montes))

[17:24:45] Nathan Skinner says: Why do you wish to become an Operative?

[17:24:45] Eleanor Osborn maintains a professional and a serious face throughout the entire conversation. 

[17:25:16] Eleanor Osborn says: I guess, it's because of my previous knowledge in the field as being in the Tactical Response Unit in SBI. 

[17:25:16]  However.

[17:25:17] A call for a mechanic has just come in! ((Use /mechanicrequests to respond.))

[17:25:41] Eleanor Osborn says: I was left with two choices, either the Investigations Divisions or the Special Weapons Response Team. Now, 

[17:25:41]  here I am.

[17:27:22] Nathan Skinner says: Reasonable, reasonable. What strengths do you believe you have that will assist you in this line of work?

[17:27:31] Nathan Skinner says: Also any weaknesses that may counter that?

[17:27:37] Nathan Skinner says: Or weaknesses in general.

[17:27:57] Eleanor Osborn says: Everything really, experience is the number one thing. My profile should speak for itself. Leadership, 

[17:27:57]  Professional, Integrity.

[17:28:39] Eleanor Osborn says: In other words, I'm a package when it comes to strengths due to my past. It's going to help me a lot in this 

[17:28:39]  line of work.

[17:28:58] Eleanor Osborn says: Weakness, itself? I personally don't think I have any, but if I had to choose one. Takes some time to trust 

[17:28:58]  someone.

[17:29:04] Eleanor Osborn says: Don't know if that's good or bad.

[17:29:11] Eleanor Osborn casually shrugs at her last statement.

[17:30:31] Julian Montes keeps sipping on his coffee, switching his music in his earbuds over to a Zach Bryan playlist.

[17:30:40] (( [OOC] Eleanor Osborn: Zach Bryan. ))

[17:30:41] Nathan Skinner says: Well, you've gotta have trust in your team, so hopefully you get to trusting everyone quick.

[17:30:43] (( [OOC] Eleanor Osborn: Imma kill u ))

[17:30:50] (( [OOC] Julian Montes: Y? ;D ))

[17:30:53] Eleanor Osborn says: Yeah, I hope so.

[17:31:05] Nathan Skinner says: Alright, so now we'll go onto a basic scenario.

[17:31:12] Eleanor Osborn says: That's one a personal level. Work wise, it's different, y'know?

[17:31:21] Eleanor Osborn says: Uh-huh, carry on.

[17:31:23] Nathan Skinner says: Yeah, I get you. One hundred percent.

[17:31:23] Eleanor Osborn nods subtly.

[17:31:54] Nathan Skinner says: You're attending a barricaded suspect situation in Monty. The units on scene are unsure if he's armed, yet 

[17:31:54]  they claim-

[17:32:27] Nathan Skinner says: -he was reaching around and acting suspicious in the car. You're Tactical OiC. What series of events would 

[17:32:27]  you follow?

[17:33:07] Eleanor Osborn says: Well, I'm going to be really honest here. What you're asking is a question of me putting someone elses life 

[17:33:07]  in charge.

[17:33:26] Eleanor Osborn says: With that being said, I'm going to make my instructions really careful for him to follow over his movement.

[17:34:00] Eleanor Osborn says: If he fails to do so, that's on him. However, I need to make sure that there's no one else in the area who 

[17:34:00]  can be a threat.

[17:34:34] Eleanor Osborn says: Carry out the task with the team. We could either disarm him with taking a shot at his hand or something. Or.

[17:34:51] Eleanor Osborn says: Completely removed from the picture. It'll just have to depend on how he's acting and how the movements are.

[17:35:09] Nathan Skinner nods a few times slowly as he types.

[17:35:12] Eleanor Osborn says: If he's willing to listen to the instructions and no one else is around him. I'm willing to work with him 

[17:35:12]  because...

[17:35:22] Eleanor Osborn says: Killing someone is the last option. If that makes sense?

[17:35:41] Nathan Skinner says: I understand fully.

[17:35:49] Eleanor Osborn says: Uh-huh.

[17:35:56] Nathan Skinner says: Alright, that marks the end of the interview as of.. one thirty-two in the afternoon.

[17:36:11] Nathan Skinner stops the recording, sliding his phone back into his pocket.
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