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['#    You can translate Murder Mystery messages here.', '#             Color codes (&) supported.', '#', '#              Use \\n to make new line', '#        Some messages like kit and kit items', "#        descriptions dont't support new lines", '# they are wrapped every 40 characters automatically', '#', '#     Some messages support their own placeholders', '#                   like %player%', '', '# Murder Mystery commands messages', 'Commands:', 'Did-You-Mean: “&6您的 意思是&e /%command%&6嗎?”', 'Teleported-To-The-Lobby: “傳送到大廳!”', 'Removed-Game-Instance: “&c成功刪除了遊戲實例!”', 'No-Arena-Like-That: “&c沒有這個ID的競技場!”', 'Look-Sign: “&c您必須查看標誌才能執行此命令!”', 'Type-Arena-Name: “&c請輸入競技場ID!”', 'No-Free-Arenas: “沒有免費的競技場!”', 'Statistics:', 'Type-Name: “&c請輸入統計名稱以查看!”', 'Invalid-Name: “統計的&cName無效!類型:殺死,死亡,玩過的遊戲,獲勝,失敗,最高分”', 'Header:  “&8&m ------------------- [&6前10名&8&m] -------------------”', 'Format: “&e#%位置%%name%-%value%&7%statistic%”', 'Only-By-Player: “&c您只能以播放器的身份執行此命令!”', 'Not-Playing: “&c您必須播放才能執行此命令!”', 'No-Permission: “&c您沒有使用此命令的權限!”', 'Admin-Commands:', 'Teleported-To-Player: “傳送給玩家!”', 'Player-Not-Found: “找不到&cPlayer!”', 'Success-Reload: “&aArenas重新加載!”', 'List-Command:', 'Header: “&aMurder之 謎&6arenas:”', 'Format: “&a%arena%&e%status%&6%players%/%maxplayers%”', 'No-Arenas: “沒有遊戲實例!”', 'Stats-Command:', 'Header: “&l -----您的統計信息-----”', 'Header-Other: “&l -----%player%-----的統計信息”', 'Footer: “&l --------------------”', 'Kills: “&aKills:&e”', 'Deaths: “&ADeaths:&e”', 'Wins: “&aWins:&e”', 'Loses: “&aLoses:&e”', 'Highest-Score: “&a最高分:&e”', 'Games-Played: “&單打:&”', 'Main-Command:', 'Header: “&6 ---------------- {謀殺之謎命令} ----------”', 'Description: “&aGame命令:\\ n', '&b/mm stats: &7顯示您的統計信息!\\ n', '&b/mm leave: &7退出當前競技場!\\ n', '&b/mm join <arena>: &7加入指定的競技場!\\ n', '&b/mm top <statistic>: &7顯示前10名玩家!\\ n', '&b/mm randomjoin: &7加入隨機的競技場!”', 'Admin-Bonus-Description: “ \\ n&b\u200b\u200b / mma:&7顯示所有管理命令”', 'Footer: "&6------------------------------------------------ -"', '', '# In-game scoreboard messages.']
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